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1953 Chevrolet Station Wagon

Along with a completely new design, new model names were introduced for the 1953 Chevrolet model year. The Special's became One-Fifty's, the Deluxe's were now named Two-Ten's and the Bel Air became the top of the line model. A one-piece windshield was introduced and the styling was boxier than previous years. The grille now featured three "teeth" with round parking lights at either end of the horizontal grille bar. Side trim consisted of a single spear beginning at the leading edge of the front wheel well and continuing just short of the taillights, except on the Bel Air models, where the spear doubled back to end at the gravel guard at the leading edge of the rear fender. Horsepower for the standard transmission model was upped to 108 hp @ 3600 RPM, and when equipped with PowerGlide automatic transmission, horsepower was increased to 115 hp at 3600 RPM.

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